Archaeological Textiles - Links Between Past and Present
Milena Bravermanová, Helena Březinová, Jane Malcolm-Davies (editors)

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                                    NESÁT XIII ?
NESÁT XIII - North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles	7
Foreword	9
M. Bravermanová - H. Brezinová: Archaeological Textile Research in the Czech Republic	11
5. Harris - A. M. Jones: Beautiful Things	21
Textiles and fibre artefacts from an Early Bronze Age cremation, Whitehorse Hill, England
J.	Stomska-L Anfos;7c Textile Products from Šwibie	31
Clues to textile production in the Early Iron Age in modern Poland
M.	Przymorska-Sztuczka: New Textile Finds from the Wielbark Culture	39
Cemetery in Wilkowo, Lqbork District, Poland
N.	Kramer: Archaeological Textiles from the Roman Period in the Netherlands	51
T Štolcová - D. Schaarschmidt -1. Vanden Berghe - S. Mitschke: Insights into Multicoloured	61
Tapestry Textiles from Poprad-Matejovce, Slovakia Excavation, conservation and analysis
A. Rast-Eicher - \\N. Nowik - N. Gamier: Textiles from Two Late Roman Graves Found	73
in a Mausoleum in Jaunay-Clan near Poitiers, France
Z Kaczmarek: Creolising Textiles	83
Some new light on textile production and consumption in Roman Age Free Germania
K.	Grömer - E. Nowotny - M. Obenaus: Simple Linen, Patterned Fabrics and Silk Textiles	95
Textile culture on the south border of Great Moravia: Thunau in Lower Austria
U. Mannering -1. Skals: Textile News from Bornholm in Denmark	107
Recently excavated textiles from a well-known Late Iron Age cemetery
F. Pritchard: Twill Weaves from Viking Age Dublin	115
E. Wincott Heckett: Textiles from the Viking Warrior Grave, Woodstown, County Waterford, Ireland 125 S. Tansone:Textile Imprints in Grobina
Fabrics and their possible uses	133
M. Brunori - V. Sonnati -1. Degano - 5. Bracci: The Coffin Cloth of Henry VII,	139
Holy Roman Emperor (t1313)
A diagnostic investigation and conservation intervention
E Retournard: Textiles for Miners and Mining	151
Archaeological textiles from the 12th to 14th centuries from Brandes-en-Oisans, Isčre, France
R. Rammo: Archaeological Textiles from a Medieval Cog Found in Estonia	159
R. Case - M. McNealy - B. Nutz: The Lengberg Finds	T 67
Remnants of a lost 15th century tailoring revolution
D. Henri. Textile Production and Consumption in the 15th and 16th Centuries in Tours, France 177
An archaeological approach
J. Malcolm-Davies: 'Silk' Hats from a Sheep's Back
How sixteenth century craftspeople created legal luxuries
N.A. Pov/ovo. Children's Burial Clothing from the 16th and 17th Centuries Excavated in the Ascension Convent of the Moscow Kremlin
B. Nutz: Peasants and Servants
Deliberately concealed garments, textiles and textile tools from a rural farm building
H.	Lukešová: Application of the Herzog Test to Archaeological Plant Fibre Textiles
The possibilities and limits of polarised light microscopy
K. Vajanto - M. Fasanen: Lichen Purple, Tannin Red
Reconstructing a Viking Age Finnish woman's woollen shawl
A. Bruselius Scharff: The Assessment of Natural Pigmentation in Archaeological Wool
J.	Banck-Burges - H. igei: Experimental Archaeology as a Key for the Recognition of the Cultural-Historical Value of Archaeological Textiles
A. Rast-Eicher:The Pfäffikon-Irgenhausen Textile
Discussion of a decoration system
K.	Kania: To Spin a Good Yarn
Spinning techniques with handspindles
I.	Demant: Making an Iron Age Dress on the Warp-Weighted Loom
The results of experimental archaeology
J.	Chylíková: An Interpretation of the 'Bombastic' Cham Culture Spindle Whorls	283
by an Archaeological Experiment
M. de Diego - R. Piqué - M. Sona -1. Clemente - M. Mozota - A. Paiamo - X. Terradas:	293
Fibre Production and Emerging Textile Technology in the Early Neolithic Settlement of La Draga
Banyoles, north-east Iberia; 5300 to 4900 cal BC
J. Maik: The Beginnings of Polish Research on Archaeological Textiles	305
A. Rybarczyk: Knitting in Old Elblqg	311
Archaeological and historical evidence
M. Cybulska - D. Berbelska: Museum Collections in the Study	321
of Archaeological and Historic Textiles
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72 #7 $a 677 $x Textilní průmysl $2 Konspekt $9 19
111 2# $a Archaeological Textiles - Links Between Past and Present (konference) $d (2017 : $c Liberec, Česko) $7 mzk2018995060 $4 aut
245 10 $a Archaeological Textiles - Links Between Past and Present : $b NESAT XIII / $c Milena Bravermanová, Helena Březinová, Jane Malcolm-Davies (editors)
246 3# $a North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles
246 3# $a Nordeuropäisches Symposium für archäologische Textilien
246 30 $a NESAT XIII
250 ## $a First edition
264 #1 $a Liberec ; $a Praha : $b Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Textile Engineering in cooperation with Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague, $c 2017
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500 ## $a Publikace obsahuje příspěvky z mezinárodní konference "The North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles" konané od 23. do 26. května 2017 v Liberci
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700 1# $a Bravermanová, Milena, $d 1955- $7 jn19990216026 $4 edt $e Editor
700 1# $a Březinová, Helena, $d 1972- $7 ola2006340407 $4 edt $e Editor
700 1# $a Malcolm-Davies, Jane, $7 xx0200446 $4 edt $e Editor
740 02 $a NESAT XIII - posters
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