Stránská Skála Hill
excavation of open-air sediments 1964-1972
Rudolf Musil et al. ; [překlad Eva Brumovská]

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                                    ISBN 80-7028-070-0
Comprehensive research at the foot of the Stránská Skála Hill was carried out between 1956 and 1967, with the participation of around 30 manual workers. At that time a profile nearly 15 m deep was uncovered, with fluvial, eolie and terrestrial sediments. All layers were covered up to 10 cm and floated in water in nets, therefore the entire material was recovered.
Stránská Skála Hill contains above all a greater number of layers from the glacial Menapian and the Cromerian complex, and these in superposition. Paleontological material originated at all layers, and this is today the richest source of birds and molluscs from this period.
Also very numerous are the finds of large and small mammals, of ostracods and of phytopaleontological material. A whole range of species have been classified here, many of them still from this site. The publication presents several new views on the stratigraphical problems of the given period, and shows the evolution of flora and fauna communities and the paleoecology. The site is important from an archeological standpoint as well. The presence of Cromerian man is recorded here, as well as his purposeful use of fire. This involves thus one of the oldest sites where the use of fire can be verified. Stránská Skála Hill is a classic instance of the Lower and Middle Pleistocene for the periglacial region of Central Europe.
Rudolf Musil
Introduction	VIJ
Rudolf Musil
Research at the Stránská Skála Hill 1945-1990	1
Jaromír Karásek	¦
Stránská terrace and its relation to talus deposits on the Stránská Skála Hill	29
Slavomír Nehyba
Contribution to the knowledge of some coarse elastics in the area
of the Stránská Skála Hill	43
Josef Pelišek
Geochemistry and granulometric composition of talus cone deposits	47
Libuše Smolíková
Paleopedological research at the Stránská Skála Hill in Brno	53
Rudolf Musi!	¦	'	-
Large fauna of talus cone at the Stránská Skála Hill	65
Hans-Dietrich Kahl ke
Neue Cervi den-Reste der Stránská Skála bei Brno	85
Martin Ivanov
Pleistocene reptiles at the locality of the Stránská Skála Hill	93
Jirí Mlíkovský
Early pleistocene birds of Stránská Skála Hill, Czech republic:
1. Musils talus cone	1 ] l
Jirí Kov an da
Revision of fossil molluscs of the upper part of the talus cone profile 7
at the Stránská Skála Hill near Brno	127
Jin Kovanda
Palaeomalacoanalysis of the lower part of the talus cone profile
at the Stránská Skála Hill near Brno	137
Helena Svobodová
Pollen analysis of the Cromerian interglacial from the site Stránská Skála I	145
Anion in l ria/rysia l - Mojmír Strnad
lhe evidence of fire use by the hominids of the species Homo erectus
at the Stránská Skála Hill in Brno	149
Rudolf Musil
Exceptional status of layer 13 at the Stránská Skála Hill
Karel Valoch
Early human activities at the Stránská Skála Hill
Mary lene Pato ?-Math is
Etude préliminaire de certaines pičces osseuses de Stránská Skála (Moravic) présentant des Stigmates d intervention humaine
Rudolf Musil
The Stránská Skála Hill - Its importance and significance
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41 1# $a eng $h cze $b fre
100 1# $a Musil, Rudolf, $d 1926- $7 jk01082523 $4 aut
245 10 $a Stránská Skála Hill : $b excavation of open-air sediments 1964-1972 / $c Rudolf Musil et al. ; [překlad Eva Brumovská]
250 ## $a 1. vyd.
260 ## $a Brno : $b Moravské zemské muzeum : $b Nadace Litera, $c 1995
300 ## $a 213 s. : $b il., tabulky
440 #0 $a Anthropos. ; $v vol. 26, 18, $x 0003-5572
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653 ## $a paleontologie
653 ## $a paleontologické výzkumy
653 ## $a Brno (Česko)
700 1# $a Brumovská, Eva $4 trl
910 ## $a BOE310 $b UK-5250
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